Photo Credit: Sean J. Mason Photography 

In Japanese, “kokoro” is used to signify “heart” or “soul”.  In music, the drums keep the beat, or the “heart” of the music.  The keyboards, bass and guitar represent the body of the music, and the vocals embody the “soul”.

The band, Kokoro, is a music group consisting of almost all Asian-Americans, and covers music from Motown to country, rock and pop; from the hits of the 60’s to current Billboard chart toppers.

Though Kokoro has only been together a short time, individually the members of Kokoro have had the good fortune to work with many celebrities in the industry, including Gladys Knight, Jessica Simpson, Hiroshima, and Gene Simmons, to name a few.  Additionally, throughout their own individual careers, they have played high-level venues such as the Palladium, the Sunset Strip, the Flamingo Hilton Las Vegas and the American Music Awards.

The members of Kokoro came together to form a band out of the pure love of music – and together, they have found something beyond just performing together, but shaped their own musical family.

Kokoro prides itself on performing not just the music and lyrics of the song, but getting down to the soul of the song.  After all, as the saying by Frederick Delius goes: “Music is an outburst of the soul.”

Photo Credit: Sean J. Mason Photography



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